Twitter offers a QR Code to Snapchat

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Twitter decided to include a QR Code in the user profile. In principle, this method allows you to subscribe more easily and / or quickly to a person’s account. Why not, after all Snapchat and Facebook Messenger also use this method for moons.

In what context could Twitter’s QR Code be useful?

For example, during an event someone asks if you are active on Twitter. You answer of course, and you pull your QR Code Twitter.

It’s simple, your access to your smartphone. Then you launch the Twitter application, open your profile and finally you press the serrated wheel. This action will call up the menu on which you will find the QR Code. In short, it is not very fast. In the end, I’m not sure that this code is really useful in this context.

Other use case, it is possible to include it in a tweet. Yes, but this type of tweet does not really matter. This is the kind of self-promotion that will quickly fall into oblivion. Last solution, you have a website. Simply integrate it with this one. Good idea except that a Twitter widget pointing to your account will also do the trick.

How to display the QR Code from an iPhone:

From the Twitter application, tap the Me icon.
Select the serrated wheel and press “QR Code”.
The code will appear on the screen of your smartphone (iOS and Android).
You can tweet, save, or share the photo by tapping the sharing icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Obviously, it is possible to scan the QR code of another Twitter user. Press the button labeled “QR Scanner”. You will find it just below your code.

I do not find that this use of the QR Code is interesting and above all innovative. The code is hardly accessible and I do not find it so useful. And you, on your side, what do you think?


Snapchat: create groups that can include up to 16 people

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Snapchat launches a group feature. These groups can include up to 16 people. Obviously as you are on Snapchat, the groups are ephemeral. They will disappear after 24 hours.

How do I create a group on Snapchat?

Creating a group is done in the same way as if you were chatting with a person. Simply touch the chat icon. Then, select the + icon that appears in the upper left corner of the window.

All you need to do is to add contacts and friends who will be members of your group. Groups can also be created when you send a Snap. Groups have a presence indicator. The names of your friends in a group will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Start a conversation with one of the participants

It is possible to start a private conversation with one of the group members by simply pressing the name of that person.

Share pictures, voice clips, video and stickers

As with conventional cats, groups allow you to share images, voice clips, stickers, and videos. Oh yes, you can also name your groups.


Snapchat Spectacles, a spectacular video camera

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Snapchat launched last November Spectacles, sunglasses with a front camera. And guess what? This is probably one of the most interesting video cameras you will use.

What spectacles spectacles

For the reminder, Spectacles is the first “physical” product of Snap, the parent company of Snapchat. The concept is simple, they are glasses equipped with a video camera.

With these glasses you can capture your point of view

As the camera is level with your eyes, that’s your point of view that you film. Even more interesting, this camera is non intrusive and discreet. The only item that indicates that your camera is active is the light that is located on the left side of the bezel.

Spectacles are compact and easy to use

Snapchat goggles are not bulky and easy to use. Simply press the button on the left side of the bezel to trigger the video camera. This is the only feature offered by these sunglasses.

Other features that allow you to apply filters, emoji, add text or assemble multiple videos and photos, you will find them on Snapchat.

A circular video

The videos captured with the Spectacles are different. This camera produces circular videos. When you or your friends view your creations from Snapchat, it is possible to switch the smartphone in all directions. In short, you can view videos in both portrait and landscape modes.

Capture moments immediately

Shows abolishes the distance with your subject. If you see something interesting or you want to catch a moment with friends, just press the button. Here, the viewfinder, these are your eyes. This type of device could quickly change how to create videos and photos.

Without being perfect, this first product created by Snap is awesome. These glasses are well designed, useful and fun. Even the selling method is intriguing. In short, it’s probably the most innovative camera you can get right now.

Snap is in my opinion one of the most innovative companies. The mission of this company is to “reinvent the way you take photos and videos, but also to share them”. And that’s exactly what manages to do Shows.


Snapchat: the universal search and Our Story is coming soon

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Snapchat is preparing to significantly improve its search engine and launch Our Story. Android and iOS users will soon be entitled to a universal search engine. This means it will be easier to search for stories, users, groups and identify content publishers on Discover.

Snapchat universal search Universal search arrives at Snapchat

It was time for Snapchat to improve its search engine. Because the current version is fragmented and not really intuitive. For example, to search for users and friends you must sweep the window to the right. Story search for friends in the headlines is done by sweeping the screen to the left. What is not simple!

On the new version, the search bar will be present everywhere

This universal search bar will in some way become the starting point for users to find contacts, friends, Stories but also what happens on Snapchat.

The homepage will be divided into three zones

When a user initiates a search, the home page will be divided into three zones. The first area in the upper part of the screen will give access to frequent contacts. Just below it, the second area will display the group list. Finally, the third zone that will have several tabs will favor the search and discovery of new contacts and friends.

Snapchat research Our Story collaborative stories will be accessible to all users

Snapchat adds a new way to publish called “Our Story”. Unlike “My Story” stories that are built by a user, “Our Story” is actually a collaborative story.

The notion of “Our Story” is not new. In the past, these collaborative stories were associated with a place or event. Snapchat acted as curator (publisher) to build these collaborative stories.

Snapchat our story From now on, any user can publish a snap (image, video) in “Our Story”. It will not be necessary to be in a specific place or event. These stories will be around the publishing trends of Snapchat users.

Snapchat would have more than 150 million active users per day. This is comparable to Instagram and higher than Twitter which would have about 136 million users daily.


Instagram: 8 tips you need to know

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Here are some Instagram tricks that will help you better master this network of photo and video sharing that now has over 600 million users.

How to rewind, fast forward, pause a Story

The Story Instagram is similar to that of Snapchat. Users create their Stories by assembling short video and photo clips. A few seconds of inattention and you miss a segment of a friend’s Story.

Instagram offers some hidden features that allow you to rewind, fast forward or pause a Story.

To rewind a Story, touch the upper left side of the screen. Just below the profile picture of the user. You will return to the previous section.
To pause a Story, press and hold the screen.
To fast forward or skip a section of a Story, press briefly on the screen.
How to save photos and videos you like

Instagram offers a feature that allows you to save photos or videos that you enjoy. You can add a bookmark to favorite publications.

To save a publication, tap the bookmark icon. It is located in the lower right corner of each publication.

To view saved items, go to your profile and tap the bookmark icon.

How to send an ephemeral publication to a contact

You can transmit an ephemeral private message to one or more of your contacts. These messages disappear automatically after two viewings.

From the home screen (new thread) drag the screen from right to left. Touch the camera icon that appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

Then select the icon represented by an arrow pointing to the right. All you have to do is select the recipients of your message.

How to view recent activity of people you follow

At the bottom of the screen, touch the icon represented by a heart. This is where you find the activity of people who liked or commented on your photos. Then, at the top of the screen, choose the tab that is named “Abos” (subscribers).

How to rearrange the order of filters based on how you use them

There are 24 filters on Instagram. Like me, you may only use a few filters. If this is the case, you can rearrange the filters and put the ones you use most at the beginning of the selection.

Scroll through the filter section to the end. Click on the tablet labeled “Manage”. Here you will find the list of all filters. To move a filter up or down the list, select the three horizontal lines that appear on the left side of the filters. Press “Finish” to confirm the change.

How to hide filters that you do not use

When you are in space that allows you to rearrange the order of the filters, you can take advantage of it to hide the filters you are not using. Just uncheck filters that you do not use.

How to manage and disable comments on your publications

Instagram allows its users to disable comments on publications of their choice and block words they deem abusive. This is the first time that Instagram offers tools to manage comments. Continue reading this tip here.


Instagram: 100 million users active and increasingly used by brands

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Instagram has just reached the 100 million mark. This is not 100 million accounts, but 100 million active users in the last month.

These figures demonstrate the popularity of this mobile social network acquired by Facebook last spring. But even more important, they show that mobility is not only unavoidable, but it is undoubtedly the biggest vector of growth of the Internet.


Here are some figures from Instagram. 100 million active users per month, 40 million photos published every 24 hours, 8500 I like (Like) per second and 1000 comments per second.

According to a study published by Simply Measured, Interbrand’s 100 largest brands on Instagram are increasingly active. 41% of these brands publish at least one picture per week. While last fall, this figure was 31%. One of the interesting data from this study shows that 98% of photos published on Instagram are shared on Facebook. The social activity (commitment) around the photos shared on Facebook is 274 whereas it is only 22 on Twitter.

For example, the Oreo cookie brand launched its Instagram account just before the Super Bowl. In just a few seconds more than 2,200 people subscribed to this account. After the Super Bowl game, Oreo’s Instagram account already had more than 35,000 subscribers. As of this writing, there are 87,106 subscribers.

For some time, Instagram has been using the Web to promote its mobile application. Instagram has launched the profiles, these spaces present users and their photo on a web page. More recently, the flow of photos of the people to which a user is subscribed now appears on his web profile. This allows real-time tracking of photos that members of its network publish from the Instagram website.


Instagram: save your photos as draft and publish them later

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Instagram offers a new feature that will appeal to anyone who uses this service on a regular basis. It is possible to save pictures that you have edited in detail and publish them at the time you want.

I regularly take a picture, start the editing job and eventually abandon the process because I’m not satisfied or I do not have time to finish it

And now that the social network photo of Facebook finally makes it easier for us by adding a button that is called “Save the draft”. Once registered, you will obviously have access to a Drafts section that will group all of your saved and unpublished photos.

How to save a photo as a draft

The procedure is simple. Tap the icon that lets you take a photo or select one from your photo gallery. Then apply a filter or change the contrast, brightness or other settings.

To save your photo without publishing it, press the arrow pointing to the left (top left corner of the screen). To access the saved photo space, touch the camera icon. The same icon that allows you to publish a new photo.

Saved photos appear above photos from your photo library. Select one of the photos you saved to publish it. You can also delete the saved photos by selecting the “Manage” label that appears on the right side of the Drafts space.


With Marketplace Facebook launches in the classifieds market

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Facebook launches into the classifieds market. In short, you will soon be able to use your Facebook iOS app or Android to sell your old bike, furniture or any object in a few clicks for free.

The concept of sale is not new on Facebook

Since last year, it is possible to create groups that are dedicated to purchases and sales. Facebook is pushing this functionality to a new space called Marketplace.

Of course, the main advantage of this space is that it goes beyond groups. This will allow users to potentially reach more people. There is a link between Marketplace and the Purchasing / Sales groups. The user who publishes an ad on Marketplace can also publish it simultaneously in a Purchasing / Sales group.

The benefits of Facebook Marketplace

The benefits of Facebook are many. You can view the profile of the person offering the product or service. As the addition of a product to sell on Marketplace goes through the Facebook mobile app, the ads are geolocated. Buyers only see products and services that are offered close to their location.

Communications between sellers and buyers go through Messenger. There is therefore no exchange of telephone numbers. An ad is uploaded very quickly. For the buyer, search results only return products for sale close to their location.

There are also some negatives

Oddly, there does not seem to be a system for assessing buyers and sellers. There has been a system of this type for years on Ebay. In addition, there is no payment service. In its current version, Facebook Marketplace looks more like a service like Kijiji or Leboncoin that privileges sales in people.

How does this service work?

It’s simple, on its iOS and Android applications, Facebook will replace the button that allows access to Messenger by the Marketplace icon.

The user selects this icon, takes a picture of his item, chooses a title, adds the price, a description and confirms the location and category.

A profitable service for Facebook

Facebook could very well monetize this service. As is the case with Corporate Pages, it is expected that users will ultimately have to pay to ensure that their ads are properly viewed. It will be enough for Facebook to add the ability to sponsor ads.

At first, the Facebook Marketplace is accessible from the United States Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.


Facebook Stories: zero innovation one hundred percent copy-paste

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Facebook is testing a new feature called Stories. Yes, Stories as on Instagram, but especially as on Snapchat. Application that popularized this concept of building and sharing stories.

What is Facebook Stories?

This innovation is currently being tested on Irish territory. It looks very much like what Instagram has been offering for a few months.

In its current version, Facebook users who shared you a Stories appear at the top of your window. Like on Snapchat, the Facebook Stories are accessible 24 hours after their publication.

Facebook stories are not public

You select who will have access to them before they are published. These contents do not appear in the news feed of the people with whom you share your stories.

This must imperatively support your circular profile picture that appears in the list of Stories that were shared to you.

In short, the Facebook roller is on the move and is trying less to capture some of the 150 million daily users of Snapchat than to retain and maintain its users.


Instagram reaches 600 million users

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The progress of Instagram is dazzling. In December 2014, this social photo sharing network had about 300 million users. Today, Instagram has more than 600 million users. That is $ 100 million more than six months ago.
Instagram has proposed in 2016 a multitude of new features

The addition of features such as Stories (snapchat layer), an algorithm (newswire), ephemeral messaging, corporate accounts and more recently the imminent arrival of live Helped to sustain this growth.

One of the factors behind this success is the diversity of the user community

Beyond the new features, I think one of the key factors for Instagram’s success lies in the diversity of the user community. Instagram managed to reach a fairly large audience.

If you have been using this platform for a long time, you know that at the time it was only possible to share a square photo that resembled a polaroid.

Softly, features like rectangular photo, video, private messaging and stories have been added. The addition of these new features was done without altering or weighing down the application.

Instagram allows several types of uses that correspond to different personas

A feature like the Stories has attracted a younger and different clientele from the traditional clientele. Live broadcasting is likely to have a similar impact. Where Instagram has succeeded a master stroke, it is precisely to interest new audiences without losing its users from the first hour.

Clearly, those who only want to publish photos can do so as easily as before. For their part, users who prefer video, Stories or live broadcast will also find their account. In short, Instagram allows several types of uses that correspond to different personas.