Facebook Stories: zero innovation one hundred percent copy-paste

Posted by dotmaster on March 3, 2017 in facebook, News |

Facebook is testing a new feature called Stories. Yes, Stories as on Instagram, but especially as on Snapchat. Application that popularized this concept of building and sharing stories.

What is Facebook Stories?

This innovation is currently being tested on Irish territory. It looks very much like what Instagram has been offering for a few months.

In its current version, Facebook users who shared you a Stories appear at the top of your window. Like on Snapchat, the Facebook Stories are accessible 24 hours after their publication.

Facebook stories are not public

You select who will have access to them before they are published. These contents do not appear in the news feed of the people with whom you share your stories.

This must imperatively support your circular profile picture that appears in the list of Stories that were shared to you.

In short, the Facebook roller is on the move and is trying less to capture some of the 150 million daily users of Snapchat than to retain and maintain its users.

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