Instagram reaches 600 million users

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The progress of Instagram is dazzling. In December 2014, this social photo sharing network had about 300 million users. Today, Instagram has more than 600 million users. That is $ 100 million more than six months ago.
Instagram has proposed in 2016 a multitude of new features

The addition of features such as Stories (snapchat layer), an algorithm (newswire), ephemeral messaging, corporate accounts and more recently the imminent arrival of live Helped to sustain this growth.

One of the factors behind this success is the diversity of the user community

Beyond the new features, I think one of the key factors for Instagram’s success lies in the diversity of the user community. Instagram managed to reach a fairly large audience.

If you have been using this platform for a long time, you know that at the time it was only possible to share a square photo that resembled a polaroid.

Softly, features like rectangular photo, video, private messaging and stories have been added. The addition of these new features was done without altering or weighing down the application.

Instagram allows several types of uses that correspond to different personas

A feature like the Stories has attracted a younger and different clientele from the traditional clientele. Live broadcasting is likely to have a similar impact. Where Instagram has succeeded a master stroke, it is precisely to interest new audiences without losing its users from the first hour.

Clearly, those who only want to publish photos can do so as easily as before. For their part, users who prefer video, Stories or live broadcast will also find their account. In short, Instagram allows several types of uses that correspond to different personas.

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