Instagram: save your photos as a draft and publish them later

Posted by dotmaster on November 4, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Instagram has a new feature that will appeal to all who use it regularly service. You can save photos that you have changed, prepare thoroughly in draft and publish when you want.

It regularly happens that I take a photo, begin the editing work and eventually abandon the process because I am not happy or that I do not have time to finish

Well now the picture of social network Facebook finally makes our work easier by adding a button that is named “Save Draft”. Once registered, you will obviously access to Drafts section that will include all of your saved pictures and unpublished.

How to save a picture as a draft

The procedure is simple. Tap the icon that lets you take a picture or select one from your photo gallery. Then apply a filter or change the contrast, brightness or any other setting.

To save your photo without publishing, press the arrow pointing to the left (top left of the screen). To access the space saved photos, touch the camera icon. The same icon that lets you publish a new photo.

The saved photos appear above photos from your photo library. Select one of the pictures that you have stored for the post. You can also delete the saved pictures by selecting the wording “Manage” that appears on the right side of the Drafts space.

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