With Marketplace Facebook launches in the classifieds market

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Facebook launches into the classifieds market. In short, you will soon be able to use your Facebook iOS app or Android to sell your old bike, furniture or any object in a few clicks for free.

The concept of sale is not new on Facebook

Since last year, it is possible to create groups that are dedicated to purchases and sales. Facebook is pushing this functionality to a new space called Marketplace.

Of course, the main advantage of this space is that it goes beyond groups. This will allow users to potentially reach more people. There is a link between Marketplace and the Purchasing / Sales groups. The user who publishes an ad on Marketplace can also publish it simultaneously in a Purchasing / Sales group.

The benefits of Facebook Marketplace

The benefits of Facebook are many. You can view the profile of the person offering the product or service. As the addition of a product to sell on Marketplace goes through the Facebook mobile app, the ads are geolocated. Buyers only see products and services that are offered close to their location.

Communications between sellers and buyers go through Messenger. There is therefore no exchange of telephone numbers. An ad is uploaded very quickly. For the buyer, search results only return products for sale close to their location.

There are also some negatives

Oddly, there does not seem to be a system for assessing buyers and sellers. There has been a system of this type for years on Ebay. In addition, there is no payment service. In its current version, Facebook Marketplace looks more like a service like Kijiji or Leboncoin that privileges sales in people.

How does this service work?

It’s simple, on its iOS and Android applications, Facebook will replace the button that allows access to Messenger by the Marketplace icon.

The user selects this icon, takes a picture of his item, chooses a title, adds the price, a description and confirms the location and category.

A profitable service for Facebook

Facebook could very well monetize this service. As is the case with Corporate Pages, it is expected that users will ultimately have to pay to ensure that their ads are properly viewed. It will be enough for Facebook to add the ability to sponsor ads.

At first, the Facebook Marketplace is accessible from the United States Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

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