Twitter: functionality for companies that offer assistance to customers

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Do you offer assistance to customers from Twitter? You can now clearly see on the Twitter profile of your business and mention the hours you offer your services. In addition, the Mobile version (Web, iOS, Android) to your profile, private messaging button is prominent, just above your latest tweets.

First, you need to allow all users of Twitter, even those you do not follow to send you private messages. You can find this setting in the configuration of your account (Confidentiality).

Then, go to the tool Dashboard and check the box to the left of “Show my accout That Provides support”. It will give more options to choose the hours you offer support.

This is the kind of feature, which I think could be very useful. As you know, this real-time communication platform, people, companies and brands can communicate with each other without necessarily following each other. Which somehow makes more fluid exchanges and communications between customers and brands or companies.

Several companies already offer a service account on Twitter. These new features allow to better specify their offer directly from their account.


Twitter for iPhone, 3 new features that you may not be familiar

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In recent weeks, Twitter has quietly added some features to its iPhone application. I have identified three features that seemed interesting. Without revolutionizing the platform, these new features allow better customization of application settings.

live broadcast notifications on Periscope

Twitter integrates more functionality from Periscope to its iOS app. Even if you do not use Periscope, Twitter gives you the opportunity to be notified when a member of your network begins a live broadcast (Live). You will be able to attend this broadcast from Twitter for iPhone.

Be warned that someone you follow sends a broadcast, visit the Twitter profile of your contact and press the icon represented by a bell (top right of the screen). It will do more to choose notifications “Only Tweets with live video.”

Accused of reading private messages

New interesting towards the private messaging Twitter. You can see when your contacts have seen / read your messages. This feature is enabled by default offers both information.

The time when your message has been consulted and a hook that confirms the consultation of the message. It is possible to disable read receipts. Once disabled, your contacts will no longer have access to this information.

To disable acknowledgments, visit your profile by pressing the “I” icon. She appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Then press the Settings icon, represented by a toothed wheel. Finally, select “Settings” – “Privacy and Security” and uncheck “Send receive acknowledgments.”

night mode

Night mode is already offered on several iOS apps like Pocket, Instapaper and even playback of Safari. This display switches the background of the application to black. Greatly reducing the light emitted by the screen of your smartphone.

To enable or disable the night mode, press the icon “I (bottom right of the screen). Then press the Settings icon and select “Turn on night mode.” Proceed the same way to disable this feature.


Periscope, updating Web versions, iOS and Android

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Periscope provides an update of its Web versions, iOS and Android. New features that are offered Periscope improve user experience for mobile applications, but also since the Web version.

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Who’s in the house: stronger presence of contacts that attend your broadcasts

As soon as a person enters you follow one of your Lives, a miniature of his profile picture will appear at the bottom of the screen. If these people attribute your hearts, a miniature heart will appear above their icon.


Log faster during broadcasts

The new versions iPhone, iPad and Android Periscope allow you to quickly find broadcasts that are underway worldwide. Tap the icon of the globe and select ‘Map’. This area displays all current releases (Live) and those that ended recently.

If you wish, you can view only the broadcast in progress. Simply press the tool that appears to the right of the selector “List – Map”. Then select “Live Only”. The same principle prevails when you are in space “List”. You can choose between broadcasts suggested by Periscope or the most recent.

On his blog, Periscope mentions that the overall timeline of the new version displays broadcasts that have a theme, or similar ideas. I guess it will probably be the case soon, but for my part, this innovation seems to have been activated.

Periscope improves its autoplay

AutoPlay videos on personal timeline (TV icon) and World (Globe) is present for several weeks. The new version of Periscope, videos that are triggered by this music are larger. Note that only the first three or four videos are autoplay. Broadcasts following is displayed as a list.


iPad version of Periscope

Periscope has always operated on an iPad. However, it was the iPhone version. Those days are gone, now he has it a real iPad version. Experience of use since the Apple tablet is obviously much more interesting.

Periscope comes to Apple Mail

It is possible to send stickers and hearts periscope in a conversation you launched on Apple Mail for iPhone and iPad. To use Periscope hearts in a Messenger conversation, simply add the application. Remember that this new feature is only accessible from iOS10.

The Web version of Periscope becomes more interesting.

You probably know that Persicope has a web version. Although this version offers few features, it enables you still watch a live broadcast or replay.

Great news, the Web version offers two interesting innovations. A search engine that lets you find broadcast from the Web and portal which is called Discover .

Access to the search tool as well as the Discover Portal is done from the profiles of users periscope. You will find these tools in the upper left of the screen. You can also access this URL from Discover http://periscope.tv/discover .

Both Web innovations are important in my opinion. They allow users and especially to those who do not use Periscope quickly find videos that might interest them.


Giant emoji on Messenger

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Facebook Messenger add a feature that will appeal to many. It is now possible to send emoji giants.


All published emoji in conversations can be enlarged. Just keep pressure on it. The longer you hold the more the emoji will be big. But beware, do not inflate too much at risk they explode.


Giants emoji are currently only accessible from the iOS version of Messenger. Android and Web versions will soon have access to this feature.


Facebook Live Video from a desktop!

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It seems that Facebook will make the creation of live broadcast from a desktop or laptop computer possible. In fact, it is quite simple, in the updateyou can select Live Video.

It’s Delilah Taylor , a member of Facebook was one of the first to notice the presence of this new option. She also launched a live broadcast using his laptop.

Among the features that the host of the video access, there is the duration of the broadcast and the number of people involved. An interesting thing, Delilah has demonstrated during his live as the host of the broadcast is able to publish written comments. Something that is impossible from a smartphone.

According to Social Times, Facebook has confirmed that the feature Live Video from a computer is being deployed.


Instagram: save your photos as a draft and publish them later

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Instagram has a new feature that will appeal to all who use it regularly service. You can save photos that you have changed, prepare thoroughly in draft and publish when you want.

It regularly happens that I take a photo, begin the editing work and eventually abandon the process because I am not happy or that I do not have time to finish

Well now the picture of social network Facebook finally makes our work easier by adding a button that is named “Save Draft”. Once registered, you will obviously access to Drafts section that will include all of your saved pictures and unpublished.

How to save a picture as a draft

The procedure is simple. Tap the icon that lets you take a picture or select one from your photo gallery. Then apply a filter or change the contrast, brightness or any other setting.

To save your photo without publishing, press the arrow pointing to the left (top left of the screen). To access the space saved photos, touch the camera icon. The same icon that lets you publish a new photo.

The saved photos appear above photos from your photo library. Select one of the pictures that you have stored for the post. You can also delete the saved pictures by selecting the wording “Manage” that appears on the right side of the Drafts space.


Marketplace with Facebook launches ads

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Facebook launches in the market for classified ads. Clearly, you can soon use your iOS or Android Facebook application to sell your old bicycle, furniture or any object in a few clicks for free.


The concept of selling is not new on Facebook

Since last year, it is possible to create groups that are dedicated to purchases and sales.Facebook therefore merely extends this feature on a new space that is called Marketplace.

Of course, the main advantage of this space is that it goes beyond the groups. Allowing users to potentially reach more people. There is still a link is established between the marketplace and groups Purchases / sales. The user who publishes an advertisement on Marketplace can also publish simultaneously in a group Purchases / sales.

The benefits Facebook Marketplace

The benefits are numerous Facebook. You can see the profile of the person offering the product or service. Such as adding a product to sell on marketplace through mobile Facebook, the ads are geotagged. Buyers only perceive products and services available near their position.

Communications between sellers and buyers go through Messenger. So there is no exchange of phone numbers. The posting of an advertisement is very fast. For the buyer, the search results return only the products on sale near their position.

There are also some negatives

Oddly, it does not seem to have system that evaluates the buyers and sellers. There is a system of this type for years on Ebay. In addition, there is no payment service. In its current version, Facebook Marketplace is more like a service like Kijiji or Leboncoin favoring sales people.

How does this service?

It’s simple, its iOS and Android apps, Facebook will replace the button that provides access to the marketplace by Messenger icon.

The user selects this icon, takes a picture of the item, selected a title, add the price, description, and confirm the location and category.

Cost effective service for Facebook

Facebook could easily monetize this service. As is the case for publications on corporate pages, it is expected that eventually, users will have to pay to ensure that their ads are well seen. Suffice it to Facebook to add the ability to sponsor ads.

Initially, Facebook’s Marketplace is accessible from the US Britain, Australia and New Zealand.


Facebook Messenger: How to encrypt your messages

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Quietly, Facebook enabled on Messenger encryption functionality. Encrypted messages are normally unreadable by anyone other than the person who sent the message and the one who received it.

The approximately 900 million Messenger so users can now send encrypted messages to their contacts.

It’s still not perfect, but it works

These are not all the features of Messenger that are available when you send encrypted messages to your contacts. The limitations are many, for example, it is not possible to send videos, GIF and it is impossible to create group communications.

In addition, the Messenger Web version can not send or receive encrypted messages. Only iOS and Android versions of Messenger are yet compatible.

How to encrypt your messages on Messenger

  • On Facebook Messenger, tap the icon that allows you to write a new message.
  • Press the “Secret” label. It appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the person you want to send an encrypted message.
  • In addition to text, you can send photos, emoji and stickers
  • If you wish, you can make your ephemeral message. Just tap the clock icon that appears in the lower right corner of the window. Your message will automatically disappear after the time period you selected.

The encrypted messaging Messenger is obviously optional. If you do not select the text “Secret” will use traditional communication system of Facebook.


The algorithm of Facebook promote the publications of your friends at the expense of pages

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Facebook changes its algorithm. The company will prioritize publications for friends and family at the expense of brands and businesses. This algorithm change will affect most probably once again the organic range of several pages. But is that this ad is really bad news for page administrators?

Friends and family first

In its announcement. Facebook mentions that people are using network must quickly find the publications of their friends and family members.
These publications will be found in the top of the new son. According to Facebook, more news of their immediate network, what users value most are the publications that inform and entertain.

Page-Facebook-vous-pouvez-promouvoir-le-bouton-d’appel-à-l’action-696x314Facebook will not make a distinction between a publication published by a member of your network that contains a picture or a URL link to an article on a web website or a Facebook page.


I like the race is definitely over

My position on the Like or in fact, of the subscribers to a Facebook page, is this: the less you have, the better you’re wearing. Let me explain, agencies, consultants and administrators of Facebook pages have long pushed to accumulate a maximum of like on their page.

The acquisition of new members to a page is relatively simple. You can advertise, competitions, and even buy I like.

The question that must in my opinion arise when you want to increase the number of people who follow your page is: “Do these people are really interested in my Facebook space? “.

In short, is that these people are well qualified? When organizing a contest, do the new members and participants are interested in your page or just the gift you offer?

For brands, companies and organizations that manage Facebook pages, the amount of I like that a page has become less and less relevant. Rather promote the “quality” of the Like.

I would rather get qualified

There is no magic, one of the effective ways to get I like better qualified through the creation of quality content. Such content must meet the expectations of people follow your page.

This algorithm change will encourage advertisers

Facebook’s advertising network uses personal data of its users. This allows advertisers to target people who see the ads. For Facebook it is essential that members share and interact as much as possible between them. These data are obviously used by the advertising tool.

The consequences of a lack of interest of members of Facebook can be disastrous for the company. Obviously, the majority of Facebook pages have probably reduced their organic range.

However, the algorithm change will encourage businesses and brands that spend a marketing budget to their social space. Again, I reiterate that the number of subscribers to a page should not be the main concern of the person administering a page.

Quality publications and marketing budget that increases the scope of the information published on Facebook continue to be extremely important in the management of a Facebook page. This reminds us more than ever that the website must be at the heart of a digital strategy.

So does this ad is really bad news for page administrators?

Not really, Facebook needs to prioritize publications membres.De their part, the pages administrators are increasingly compartmentalized in a space ask them to spend a larger advertising budget to achieve their goals. In return, advertisers have access to a wonderful advertising system.


Facebook offers updates of multilingual statutes

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Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users of this social network to publish their status updates in multiple languages. Once activated, this system can even automatically translate your publications.

Write publication in another language
The multilingual publishing system that Facebook is testing with some of its users is similar to that used on professional Facebook Pages.
On the space of writing updates to statutes, there is a + button that is labeled “Write the publication in another language.”
What is the point of publishing a status update in another language?
It’s simple, you have contacts, your family members or friends who do not understand French. This feature will allow you to publish your info simultaneously in one or more other languages.
For example, you publish an update in French and you add an English version of your publication.
Your French friends will see the publication in French and English notice it in English. For those who use another language, the publication default is to say, the French version will be displayed.
A machine translation system that is not yet ready
I mentioned that Facebook is able to automatically translate your publications in various languages. The idea is interesting, but you can imagine that this is not yet developed. In fact, it is best that you yourself were writing the different language versions.

So, you will help Facebook to improve its translation system. Guess what, the company plans to use multilingual messages to improve its automated translation service.
How to activate the feature “Publications in several languages”
To enable the feature that allows you to publish simultaneously in several languages ​​from the Web version of Facebook, go to the “Settings” section of your account.

Then in the menu that appears in the left column, select “Language”.
Note  : as this feature is in testing, it is possible that you do not have access.

In the “Language Settings”, select “Publication in Multiple Languages”.

Finally, check the box that appears to the left of “Creating publications in many languages” and save the change.
Retrace your newspaper or news feed and write a new status update.

It only remains to click on the + button you that is labeled “Write the publication in another language” and select the language in which you want to publish your info.  For now, the updates to multilingual statutes do not appear to be accessible from the iOS and Android version of Facebook.

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