6 Tips to Supercharge Your Instagram Marketing

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Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms out there. We have not talked about Instagram on this website for a while now thus in this post I will be showing you my top 6 tips for Instagram Marketing. Why 6? That’s because I go above and beyond.

1. Instagram Bio is Your Ad Space
Getting a good impression within less than 7 seconds is ideal for any marketer out there and that is true for your Instagram Profile. Making a good impression will dictate if the user will follow your profile or not. Here’s some tips to make your bio more appealing

  • Use Text symbols and Emoticons
  • Use Line breaks
  • Make it short and witty
  • Add some humor if possible

2. Hashtags and Trends
Like other social platforms, Instagram does support hashtags and trends which you can utilize to your advantage. You can use Instagram Explorer to search for trending topics and hashtags that is related to your niche and use them on your post for free traffic.

If you have found a great hashtag that is trending, make a post that revolves around that hashtag and watch your followers grow.

3. Track Your Links
Any good Internet Marketer knows that tracking your links is crucial for any business. Tracking links will help you determine which offer or landing pages are working. This is great if you have multiple landing pages to test out. I would suggest using link shortener for this or Google Analytics.

Keep in mind that sometimes, Instagram is not fond of Link shortener such as bitly, but you can use goo.gl or make your own.

4. Mix Videos and Images
Spice up your profile by adding videos along with your images. Studies show that videos get a lot more engagements than images as users tend to tag their friends more on videos.

Videos are also great for visual story telling. A balance between videos and images is ideal so that your Instagram Profile will not get boring.

5. Images Should be Share Worthy
So a lot of Instagram profiles there are just posting random images found on the web and that is the problem. Make sure to only publish high quality images on your profile. Images should also be shareable. What I mean by shareable is that if you saw the image from another profile, are you likely to share that image to your friends? If not, then skip it and find another image.

6. Use Social Tools.
You should optimize your time by using social media tools. One example of this using Mass Planner to automate your social profile posts. You can free up a lot of your time and use it to promote your business. Mass Planner also has a social media forum where you can Instagram Marketing Tips on how to promote or grow your social media profiles.
A social media tool is always a great asset for your business.

Final Thought
There’s no better way to raise your business game up than to be active on Instagram. Feel free to share your thoughts and what you are currently doing to grow your Instagram Profile.


Facebook Messenger: add masks, stickers and filters to your photos and videos

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Clearly, Snapchat is a true source of inspiration for Facebook. Here is Messenger, adds a variety of tools that allow you to add masks, disguises, decorations and text to your photos and videos.

facebook_messenger_camera 1

As on Snapchat, Messenger offers visual effects that are displayed in real time. And this, before you even press the button that allows you to capture your photo or video.

How to use these new photo tools on Messenger


To access these new tools, simply press the new button on the camera. You can not miss it, you will find it in the lower part of your screen.

A short press of the button allows you to take a picture. To create a video, press and hold. Select your filter, mask or artifact before taking your photo.

Touch the smiley icon to access the tool library that Messenger offers. Once you have selected the items, press the button to capture your photo or video.

You are wondering if these features are being used. Yes, since more than 2.5 billion emojis, photos, stickers and videos are sent every day on Messenger.


Periscope: live broadcasts can be embedded on a website

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Periscope announces several new features that relate to Web versions, iPhone and Android.Periscope automatically creates a trailer for each of the broadcasts, allows integration of webcasts and offers autoplay from the Android version.

Embed the webcasts

The integration of a Periscope broadcast to a website through Twitter. It’s simple, just get the code that is called “Integrating Tweet” and add it to the site web page where you want to add this broadcast.


Tip: Add the widget to the timeline of your Twitter account to your website. This way your live broadcasts appear in real time on the widget as soon as you are online.

Periscope presents highlights broadcasts

Periscope is constantly seeking to improve the discovery of content from its iPhone and Android. The latest idea is to present “Highlights” (highlights) broadcasts of the people you follow.

Highlights are somehow trailers or excerpts of broadcasts. They are created automatically.Highlights present excerpts from broadcasts in your network and broadcasts “trend”.

So how are selected broadcasts that appear in the highlights section? According Persicope, several factors influence this presence. For example, broadcasts shared by your friends may appear in this section. In this case, an indicator above the title of the broadcast state who was sharing.

The highlights also appear on the profile of each user. The goal is probably to allow users to quickly get an idea on the subject of the latest creations of a person from his profile.

The autoplay on Android

As you already know, this music is everywhere. Videos on Twitter, Facebook and Vine are triggered automatically. Well, the automated triggering of video arrives at Periscope.

When you are in sections Subscriptions (the TV icon) and the global section (globe icon), the first three broadcasts that appear there will be triggered automatically. For now, this new concerns only the Android version of Periscope.


Periscope Link your account to your Twitter profile

Posted by dotmaster on December 23, 2016 in Uncategorized |

You can now link your Periscope account to your Twitter profile. This innovation may not seem very interesting. However, it significantly increases the visibility of Periscope users who are also active on Twitter.

View post on imgur.com

Adding the link of your Periscope account to your twitter account is simple. On Twitter.com (Web), just view your profile and press the “Edit Profile”. Then, under “View my Periscope profile”, enter the URL of your Periscope account. Lastly, Save your changes.

Once you have added the information to your Twitter profile, a link that is called “Periscope View” will appear on your profile above the date you registered on Twitter.

When you are live, mention “Live on Periscope” (Live on Periscope) will appear.


Twitter softens rule 140 characters

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Twitter finally softens the rule of 140 characters which is in place since the service was launched in 2006. But beware, this announcement does not mean that you can write tweets of infinite length.

Clearly, when you add a photo or photos (up to 4) to a message, a video, a GIF, or a survey, they are no longer counted in the number of characters. Ditto if you quote a tweet (quote retweet). By cons, URLs and references of people are still recognized in 140 characters.


To recall, the rule of 140 characters in Twitter was in 2006. At the time, the Tweets were also sent by SMS and they were limited to 160 characters. So the first 140 characters were reserved for the message and Twitter kept 20 characters for the user name.


Twitter: functionality for companies that offer assistance to customers

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Do you offer assistance to customers from Twitter? You can now clearly see on the Twitter profile of your business and mention the hours you offer your services. In addition, the Mobile version (Web, iOS, Android) to your profile, private messaging button is prominent, just above your latest tweets.

First, you need to allow all users of Twitter, even those you do not follow to send you private messages. You can find this setting in the configuration of your account (Confidentiality).

Then, go to the tool Dashboard and check the box to the left of “Show my accout That Provides support”. It will give more options to choose the hours you offer support.

This is the kind of feature, which I think could be very useful. As you know, this real-time communication platform, people, companies and brands can communicate with each other without necessarily following each other. Which somehow makes more fluid exchanges and communications between customers and brands or companies.

Several companies already offer a service account on Twitter. These new features allow to better specify their offer directly from their account.


Twitter for iPhone, 3 new features that you may not be familiar

Posted by dotmaster on December 2, 2016 in Uncategorized |

In recent weeks, Twitter has quietly added some features to its iPhone application. I have identified three features that seemed interesting. Without revolutionizing the platform, these new features allow better customization of application settings.

live broadcast notifications on Periscope

Twitter integrates more functionality from Periscope to its iOS app. Even if you do not use Periscope, Twitter gives you the opportunity to be notified when a member of your network begins a live broadcast (Live). You will be able to attend this broadcast from Twitter for iPhone.

Be warned that someone you follow sends a broadcast, visit the Twitter profile of your contact and press the icon represented by a bell (top right of the screen). It will do more to choose notifications “Only Tweets with live video.”

Accused of reading private messages

New interesting towards the private messaging Twitter. You can see when your contacts have seen / read your messages. This feature is enabled by default offers both information.

The time when your message has been consulted and a hook that confirms the consultation of the message. It is possible to disable read receipts. Once disabled, your contacts will no longer have access to this information.

To disable acknowledgments, visit your profile by pressing the “I” icon. She appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Then press the Settings icon, represented by a toothed wheel. Finally, select “Settings” – “Privacy and Security” and uncheck “Send receive acknowledgments.”

night mode

Night mode is already offered on several iOS apps like Pocket, Instapaper and even playback of Safari. This display switches the background of the application to black. Greatly reducing the light emitted by the screen of your smartphone.

To enable or disable the night mode, press the icon “I (bottom right of the screen). Then press the Settings icon and select “Turn on night mode.” Proceed the same way to disable this feature.


Periscope, updating Web versions, iOS and Android

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Periscope provides an update of its Web versions, iOS and Android. New features that are offered Periscope improve user experience for mobile applications, but also since the Web version.

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Who’s in the house: stronger presence of contacts that attend your broadcasts

As soon as a person enters you follow one of your Lives, a miniature of his profile picture will appear at the bottom of the screen. If these people attribute your hearts, a miniature heart will appear above their icon.


Log faster during broadcasts

The new versions iPhone, iPad and Android Periscope allow you to quickly find broadcasts that are underway worldwide. Tap the icon of the globe and select ‘Map’. This area displays all current releases (Live) and those that ended recently.

If you wish, you can view only the broadcast in progress. Simply press the tool that appears to the right of the selector “List – Map”. Then select “Live Only”. The same principle prevails when you are in space “List”. You can choose between broadcasts suggested by Periscope or the most recent.

On his blog, Periscope mentions that the overall timeline of the new version displays broadcasts that have a theme, or similar ideas. I guess it will probably be the case soon, but for my part, this innovation seems to have been activated.

Periscope improves its autoplay

AutoPlay videos on personal timeline (TV icon) and World (Globe) is present for several weeks. The new version of Periscope, videos that are triggered by this music are larger. Note that only the first three or four videos are autoplay. Broadcasts following is displayed as a list.


iPad version of Periscope

Periscope has always operated on an iPad. However, it was the iPhone version. Those days are gone, now he has it a real iPad version. Experience of use since the Apple tablet is obviously much more interesting.

Periscope comes to Apple Mail

It is possible to send stickers and hearts periscope in a conversation you launched on Apple Mail for iPhone and iPad. To use Periscope hearts in a Messenger conversation, simply add the application. Remember that this new feature is only accessible from iOS10.

The Web version of Periscope becomes more interesting.

You probably know that Persicope has a web version. Although this version offers few features, it enables you still watch a live broadcast or replay.

Great news, the Web version offers two interesting innovations. A search engine that lets you find broadcast from the Web and portal which is called Discover .

Access to the search tool as well as the Discover Portal is done from the profiles of users periscope. You will find these tools in the upper left of the screen. You can also access this URL from Discover http://periscope.tv/discover .

Both Web innovations are important in my opinion. They allow users and especially to those who do not use Periscope quickly find videos that might interest them.


Giant emoji on Messenger

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Facebook Messenger add a feature that will appeal to many. It is now possible to send emoji giants.


All published emoji in conversations can be enlarged. Just keep pressure on it. The longer you hold the more the emoji will be big. But beware, do not inflate too much at risk they explode.


Giants emoji are currently only accessible from the iOS version of Messenger. Android and Web versions will soon have access to this feature.


Facebook Live Video from a desktop!

Posted by dotmaster on November 11, 2016 in Uncategorized |

It seems that Facebook will make the creation of live broadcast from a desktop or laptop computer possible. In fact, it is quite simple, in the updateyou can select Live Video.

It’s Delilah Taylor , a member of Facebook was one of the first to notice the presence of this new option. She also launched a live broadcast using his laptop.

Among the features that the host of the video access, there is the duration of the broadcast and the number of people involved. An interesting thing, Delilah has demonstrated during his live as the host of the broadcast is able to publish written comments. Something that is impossible from a smartphone.

According to Social Times, Facebook has confirmed that the feature Live Video from a computer is being deployed.

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