Snapchat Spectacles, a spectacular video camera

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Snapchat launched last November Spectacles, sunglasses with a front camera. And guess what? This is probably one of the most interesting video cameras you will use.

What spectacles spectacles

For the reminder, Spectacles is the first “physical” product of Snap, the parent company of Snapchat. The concept is simple, they are glasses equipped with a video camera.

With these glasses you can capture your point of view

As the camera is level with your eyes, that’s your point of view that you film. Even more interesting, this camera is non intrusive and discreet. The only item that indicates that your camera is active is the light that is located on the left side of the bezel.

Spectacles are compact and easy to use

Snapchat goggles are not bulky and easy to use. Simply press the button on the left side of the bezel to trigger the video camera. This is the only feature offered by these sunglasses.

Other features that allow you to apply filters, emoji, add text or assemble multiple videos and photos, you will find them on Snapchat.

A circular video

The videos captured with the Spectacles are different. This camera produces circular videos. When you or your friends view your creations from Snapchat, it is possible to switch the smartphone in all directions. In short, you can view videos in both portrait and landscape modes.

Capture moments immediately

Shows abolishes the distance with your subject. If you see something interesting or you want to catch a moment with friends, just press the button. Here, the viewfinder, these are your eyes. This type of device could quickly change how to create videos and photos.

Without being perfect, this first product created by Snap is awesome. These glasses are well designed, useful and fun. Even the selling method is intriguing. In short, it’s probably the most innovative camera you can get right now.

Snap is in my opinion one of the most innovative companies. The mission of this company is to “reinvent the way you take photos and videos, but also to share them”. And that’s exactly what manages to do Shows.

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