Snapchat: the universal search and Our Story is coming soon

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Snapchat is preparing to significantly improve its search engine and launch Our Story. Android and iOS users will soon be entitled to a universal search engine. This means it will be easier to search for stories, users, groups and identify content publishers on Discover.

Snapchat universal search Universal search arrives at Snapchat

It was time for Snapchat to improve its search engine. Because the current version is fragmented and not really intuitive. For example, to search for users and friends you must sweep the window to the right. Story search for friends in the headlines is done by sweeping the screen to the left. What is not simple!

On the new version, the search bar will be present everywhere

This universal search bar will in some way become the starting point for users to find contacts, friends, Stories but also what happens on Snapchat.

The homepage will be divided into three zones

When a user initiates a search, the home page will be divided into three zones. The first area in the upper part of the screen will give access to frequent contacts. Just below it, the second area will display the group list. Finally, the third zone that will have several tabs will favor the search and discovery of new contacts and friends.

Snapchat research Our Story collaborative stories will be accessible to all users

Snapchat adds a new way to publish called “Our Story”. Unlike “My Story” stories that are built by a user, “Our Story” is actually a collaborative story.

The notion of “Our Story” is not new. In the past, these collaborative stories were associated with a place or event. Snapchat acted as curator (publisher) to build these collaborative stories.

Snapchat our story From now on, any user can publish a snap (image, video) in “Our Story”. It will not be necessary to be in a specific place or event. These stories will be around the publishing trends of Snapchat users.

Snapchat would have more than 150 million active users per day. This is comparable to Instagram and higher than Twitter which would have about 136 million users daily.

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