Twitter offers a QR Code to Snapchat

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Twitter decided to include a QR Code in the user profile. In principle, this method allows you to subscribe more easily and / or quickly to a person’s account. Why not, after all Snapchat and Facebook Messenger also use this method for moons.

In what context could Twitter’s QR Code be useful?

For example, during an event someone asks if you are active on Twitter. You answer of course, and you pull your QR Code Twitter.

It’s simple, your access to your smartphone. Then you launch the Twitter application, open your profile and finally you press the serrated wheel. This action will call up the menu on which you will find the QR Code. In short, it is not very fast. In the end, I’m not sure that this code is really useful in this context.

Other use case, it is possible to include it in a tweet. Yes, but this type of tweet does not really matter. This is the kind of self-promotion that will quickly fall into oblivion. Last solution, you have a website. Simply integrate it with this one. Good idea except that a Twitter widget pointing to your account will also do the trick.

How to display the QR Code from an iPhone:

From the Twitter application, tap the Me icon.
Select the serrated wheel and press “QR Code”.
The code will appear on the screen of your smartphone (iOS and Android).
You can tweet, save, or share the photo by tapping the sharing icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Obviously, it is possible to scan the QR code of another Twitter user. Press the button labeled “QR Scanner”. You will find it just below your code.

I do not find that this use of the QR Code is interesting and above all innovative. The code is hardly accessible and I do not find it so useful. And you, on your side, what do you think?

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